1. Northwest Passage opens – because what other event demonstrates global warming?
  2. Breaking The Internet – because the network is no longer a luxury.
  3. California Secession – because the state may do what many wish they could.
  4. Solar Power On A Roll – because a power plant in a box is amazingly attractive.
  5. Retreating American Infrastructure – because pavement is returning to gravel is a sign of deterioration.
  6. Germany Produces Excess Energy – because, Congratulations! Okay, now everyone else do the same.
  7. US Gun Death Data – because reality trumps ideology.
  8. US Jobs Report October 2016 – because good news (with an asterisk) is welcome.
  9. We Reached Peak Stuff -because when IKEA says so, it must be true.
  10. Possible SETI Signal – because we want proof of other intelligences (as role models?)

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