As with any discovery involving space and the possibility of aliens, the researchers are being very cautious – but – Russian SETI researchers have detected a signal that could be from an alien civilization, but that could also be a signal from one of our militaries, or could be some unknown natural phenomenon. Or, aliens. Science fiction frequently speculates about first contact, and the results are usually dramatic. Between a dramatic signal and the decades of noise we’ve heard, there is a broad range of possibilities filled with ambiguities. When we detect an alien civilization, and maybe we have and maybe we haven’t, it might be as subtle as this signal, as ambiguous when first received, and news that spreads slowly enough that it is gradually accepted. Have we detected an alien civilization? We don’t know. The military isn’t taking credit for the signal. No natural phenomenon has been identified as the source. We may have simply discovered some new natural phenomenon. We also may have detected an alien civilization. Stay tuned.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

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