The head of sustainability at Ikea has declared that we’ve reached Peak Stuff. That’s an interesting assertion from a furniture and household goods retailer because it challenges the very concept of their consumer based business. Though he didn’t define how that will change the products for sale, it at least reflects the awareness within some big businesses that the old world is changing. Ikea will evidently fund internal and philanthropic projects that aim for sustainability, but as people need and want fewer things, even large corporations – or especially large corporations – will need to change as well. Renewable energy may help keep costs down, but if customers don’t buy things there’s no income to sustain the business.

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3 thoughts on “We Reached Peak Stuff

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    This is one of the biggest things that I dislike about our current society- the materialism. Our incredible craving to have things is a (perhaps the) major factor in the condition of our environment as it is.


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