The more we learn about trees, the more it seems that they communicate with each other, and possibly think. The boundaries we set around humans being special are breaking down. Animals are more intelligent than we thought a few centuries ago. The border between animal, plant, and vegetable gets blurry; especially, when mushrooms and bacteria get included. Even the line between life and death is debatable when considering viruses. Now that we understand the interconnected nature of root systems, it is becoming apparent that trees share chemicals, and possibly chemical signals; and that some of those signals may be intentional, suggesting intelligence. Just as we are understanding corals and mushrooms, we seem to be finding that bio-electrical systems may exist that don’t require a centralized brain, and that may be finely distributed yet quite capable of a different kind of sentience. The debate about vegetarian ethics may expand. The ability to recognize alien life is being exercised.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

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