Thanks to urbanization, Uber, and automation, the amount of space devoted to cars may dramatically decline. Currently in America, there are four times as many parking spaces as there are cars. Currently, a large portion of the traffic in a city is looking for parking. Lots of asphalt and concrete are devoted to cars that are sitting still, and cars that are trying to find a place to sit still. Urbanization is decreasing the demand for cars. Services like Uber mean people are more likely to let someone else drive. Autonomous cars create the possibility that cars can park themselves and do so more efficiently and remotely, and return when needed. By one estimate, one auto auto could replace twelve conventional cars if it is shared throughout the day. The car enabled modern society, created suburbia and urban sprawl, but it is likely that we are seeing the end of that period, and entering a new period that devotes more space to people than their vehicles, a move that will redefine urban spaces, suburbia, and lots of parking lots.

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