A mix of climate change, mining, and agriculture have eliminated Bolivia’s second largest lake. At times, the lake was twice the size of Los Angeles and was a source for a fishing industry; but climate change means the glaciers feeding it have dramatically diminished, mining has contributed to silt accumulation, and agriculture meant more water was taken out than was put in. The lake has lost 98% of itself. Locals have migrated by necessity. There may be climatological issues downwind and downstream as the lake is replaced by a desert. The story is less about one lake, and more about what can happen to even large parts of our planet as climate change and consumption continue.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

One thought on “Lake Poopo Is Gone

  1. Lakes and glaciers are disappearing, with whole communities having to relocate. Does this mean there’s yet more sand into which some can stick their heads regarding climate change?


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