This morning, a massive attack succeeded against Twitter, CNN, the Guardian, Etsy, and several other sites. The size of such assaults continues to increase just as our reliance on the Internet increases. While there are defenses, there is effectively an escalating arms race happening with the Internet as the battlefield and the users as the collateral damage. This attack struck hardest at the Northeastern US with skirmishes around the world and took about two hours to resolve. Security experts expect such attacks to be the new norm. In a separate report, economists have estimated the impact of Internet interruptions at commonly reaching billions of dollars per interruption. It is conceivable that such an attack could have far greater impact than being an inconvenience; especially, if it hits critical systems at critical times. Unfortunately, humans are the cause, the technology is inherently simple, and there is no certain cure.

(Click on the map for the link.)

3 thoughts on “Breaking The Internet

  1. It’s sad to think that fundamental human nature is so flawed that default behaviour seems to be to take things from others against their will, be it property, ideas, self-esteem or whatever. It happens on all sorts of levels and these cyber-attacks are merely one expression of it. Surely there’s a better way.


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