Pretending Not To Panic is intended to summarize news that is,

significant, factual, based on data, logic, and apolitical


people who are eager and anxious about the future.

The ‘apolitical’ criterion continues to limit the available content because so much of the news is now politicized by extremes. As an optimist, political extremism and the pandemic will hopefully be temporary. As a pessimist, there’s the possibility that this is the ‘new normal’. The good news for the blog is that years of collecting content means many news items have already been covered. Now is more the time for updates, especially as scientists return to their studies, labs, research, and publications.

Here are the top ten posts in 2021, a year that provided plenty of reasons to be eager and anxious.

Thanks for reading, visiting, and sharing. I hope this helps you. I know it helps me.

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