Slaughterbots are here. In Spring 2020, autonomous drones were used against humans in Libya. Desperate people will ignore international edicts. It is unlikely that such an event will never happen again. Major countries started using drones years ago, but they had human operators. The humans have been removed, except for the deployment. After that, the drones follow their mission without human intervention.

The STM Kargu-2 is a flying quadcopter that weighs a mere 7 kg, is being mass-produced, is capable of fully autonomous targeting, can form swarms, remains fully operational when GPS and radio links are jammed, and is equipped with facial recognition software to target humans.

And if slaughterbots weren’t worrisome enough, there are also suicidebots.

Azerbaijan’s decisive advantage over Armenian forces in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh conflict has been attributed to their arsenal of cheap, kamikaze “suicide drones.”

We’ve entered another new era, but one familiar to dystopian sci-fi stories.

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