Welcome to the new year, which is a good time to look back at the old year. PretendingNotToPanic.com is explicitly news for those who are eager and anxious about the future, not completely pessimistic, not completely optimistic. Too many news sources swing to an extreme which provides them a strong declarative statement, either positive or negative. This blog is also implicitly news that is factual, preferably based on corroborated data, and apolitical. It’s that last piece that made 2018 a difficult news year. Every US agency that could be relied on for data also became political targets, and then many of them were silenced during government shutdowns. The news feed got a little thin, there. Maybe there’ll be less politics and more real news in 2019 – but it doesn’t look like that will be the case.

In the meantime, here are the ten (really eleven because of a tie) most popular posts from 2018. Just as in the nature of news, trends can be difficult to predict. The top two posts were from previous years, but popular enough to pull the most traffic. Readers voted simply by showing up. Thanks for being there, and here. And, here’s to a happy new year.

  1. Computers Invent Their Own Language
  2. Earth Overshoot Day
  3. US Gun Perception Gap
  4. Printed House Price Drops
  5. US Jobs Report January 2018
  6. Small Town Happiness
  7. Richest Get 20 Percent Richer
  8. Income Inequality And Suicide
  9. Entangled Time
  10. Wealth Inequality Versus Poverty & Money Buys Happiness Somewhat (tie)


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