Okay. Prepare for a mind bender. Entanglement is weird enough. Entangled particles are mirror images that can communicate instantaneously across any distance, even across the entire universe, not just the galaxy, but across the universe. If it seems as if that violates the speed of light limit, well, there you are. This is weirder. Researchers have data that suggests they have demonstrated time entanglement, changing a particle in the past that changes a particle in the future. A bit weirder is that it could equally be possible that changing a particle in the future changes a particle in the past. Time travel may not be possible, but the past and the future may be connected in ways we didn’t imagine. Changing one particle may not sound like much, but bits in computers and signals in neurons may be susceptible to such small changes. Want to find a culprit for today’s world? Look to the future, or look somewhere and somewhen else in the universe. Now, return to thinking that To-Do list matters and is in your control.


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