Income inequality is increasing. Suicide is increasing, at least in the US. It appears that they are linked. Greater financial burdens are increasing stress and threatening basic necessities. Weaker support networks, including ones that are seen as actively being removed, mean less aid for those in need. Add the prevalence of guns in America and suicide, particularly among men, is increasing. Suicide is now one of the top ten means of death in America (44,193 people in 2015), a number greater than car accidents and homicides. The US also has one of the highest levels of income inequality among developed nations, as well as one of the lowest amounts spent on social welfare (18.8% versus >25% of GDP). The nations with higher welfare spending and lower income inequality are seeing a decline in suicide rates, rather than the >30% increases seen in the US. Without positive changes to income inequality or support services or gun ownership, there is little reason to expect a change.

4 thoughts on “Income Inequality And Suicide

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