While it seems that everyone can get rid of their daily poop with a flush;

According to the World Health Organization, 2.5 billion people lack access to modern sanitation services.

In cities, people expect toilets to connect to sewers which connect to massive waste treatment plants. In more rural areas, toilets may be connected to individual septic systems that have to be pumped every few years. Those are both advances over the pit toilets and open sewers used for early civilizations and continue to much of the world (and which were notorious for contaminating water supplies.) Those are advances over the species’ early development that was more like any other animal. While advanced, today’s systems are complicated, expensive, and hard to rapidly install in remote areas or in disaster zones. One alternative has been composting toilets which are a combination of old tech with new tech. Their acceptance is increasing, but meeting with regulatory resistance. Sometimes an interim solution is all that is needed. A composting toilet that can be composted has been designed based on mushrooms. Deliver the toilet. Use the toilet (about five people can use it for a month.) Hopefully, that’s enough time to install something more permanent. Then, bury the composting toilet in a place that it can compost itself, too. About a month later, the now-fertilized soil can be used for crops. Depending on cost and local soils, it may also be a longer term solution that turns a hazard into a benefit.

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