People volunteering time on their computers are helping search for solutions to Covid/Coronavirus problems. That’s noble, and beneficial. It has also created one of the most powerful computer projects. About 400,000 users donated so many computer resources that;

“F@H zoomed to a peak performance of 1.5 exaFLOPs, making it more than seven times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer, Summit, at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.” – Ars Technica

For details about what and how the work is being done, click on the graphic below. Essentially, creating a treatment may involve learning how to untangle some very complex and tangled molecules. Similar projects have turned such efforts into a game. The equally important point may be the demonstration of people (and their computers) working together on a task that might not benefit them directly, but could benefit everyone. Their response was so great that it overwhelmed the researchers’ machines temporarily. The result may not be an Ah Ha! moment like that hoped for in one of the first such projects (SETI@Home where Ah Ha would mean finding evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence), yet it may provide critical help and is worth the attempt. Thanks to all how participate in such endeavours.

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