The records for hottest month continue. For fourteen months, we’ve been setting record average temperatures for the planet.

“June 2016 was 1.62 degrees F above the 20th century average, breaking last year’s record for the warmest June” – NOAA

This is also the 34th June in a row to set records. Arctic Sea ice also set a record low. The Antarctic (which is winter) set a record low for its sea ice. Most natural trends include enough random events and chaotic influences that trends have noisy data, sometimes high, sometimes low. The current climate trend is displaying little of that, and displaying little evidence of counter-acting forces. The planet is heating up, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. Without natural or artificial mitigating factors, there’s little reason to expect the trend to stop soon.

(Click on the map for the link.)

One thought on “14th Record Month For Heat

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