There’s been good news for the rich because their wealth and income continue to increase. There’s been good news for the extreme poor because the same has been true for them. Unfortunately, the people in the middle, the middle class, have been left out. While almost everyone else has seen over 50% increases in income, the middle class of developed nations has seen almost zero increase. Such a dichotomy may explain the divisions within political campaigns and social unrest. When some are proudly celebrating prosperity, many others may experience resentment. A corporation executive that moves jobs from a rich country to a poor country may get a raise for decreasing costs. The person in the poor country gets a raise that dramatically improves their situation. The person in the rich country that lost a job is the one paying the price. Whether this is right or wrong, a variation on wealth redistribution, temporary or permanent, it is possibly the source of significant discontent.

(Click on the graph for the link.)

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