A greater than usual number of members of the US House of Representatives are leaving Congress, particularly newer members. Each individual may have individual motives, but it is also possibly an indication that the intransigence of the established hierarchy, and the contentious and dysfunctional environment are convincing people to leave. If so, the public’s low approval ratings of Congress are being reflected within the institution as well. Such disaffection is unsettling, especially in one of the supposedly most stable countries and economies. Maybe this presages a change, but considering the re-election success rate of incumbents, the contention and dysfunction may continue until an external influence imposes change: whether that is a shift in the electorate, or greater instability in the running of the country. Whatever the reason, one of the most highly sought jobs in the US is being abandoned by a surprising number of people (28 out of 435).

(Click on the graph for the link.)

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