Invisibility cloaks that can work from every direction are now more possible. Invisibility or cloaking systems are becoming more common. They’ve at least advanced enough to allow interesting demos. Most of those demos, however, only afford invisibility in one direction. Something may be invisible from the front, but visible from the side. Now, a new material has been developed that works in every direction. Its limitation is that the invisibility only works for a narrow band of the electromagnetic spectrum, a band that is outside the visible range. Humans aren’t fooled, but some electronics would be. The easiest applications to imagine are clearer covers for antennae, but most innovations like these find other applications that weren’t obvious at the beginning. The most likely advancement would be to broaden the amount of the spectrum, which could eventually include the visual range. If it works, camouflage will become more than just a pattern of colors on cloth.

(Click on the image for the link.)

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