1. SETI Finds – Something – where we hoped we’d found intelligence.
  2. The $70K Salary – where a business owner proved raising wages was good business.
  3. Data On Real Risks – where perspective on reality emphasizes fighting disease before fighting terrorism.
  4. Sea Level Rise Not Debatable – where data is undeniable, though many try to deny it anyway.
  5. Siberian Craters Proliferate – where melting permafrost turns out to be something that goes boom.
  6. Chaotic Sea Level Rise – where Nature demonstrated that average sea level rise means some places get wetter sooner.
  7. Florida Experiences Sea Level Rise – where a state that gets 80% of its revenue along the shore is dealing with incoming water.
  8. Student Loan Loophole May Forgive Debt – where student loans may be shown to be failed contracts that don’t have to be repaid.

There were more posts, but those were the most popular: SETI, salaries, real risks, climate change, and student loans.

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