It is a simple statement that quantum computers work, but it has been debated since their inception.  For those who aren’t familiar with quantum computers, they use quantum mechanics to dramatically improve the computer speeds – supposedly. For those who are familiar with quantum computers – congratulations. Getting the right mental perspective to understand qubits instead of bits, superposition instead of simple math, and simultaneous operations instead of serial and parallel processing – yeah, congratulations. The computers are finally reaching the stage where they can be compared against conventional supercomputers. D-Wave finally was able to demonstrate the potential for a specific case.

For a specific, carefully crafted proof-of-concept problem we achieve a 100-million-fold speed-up” – Neven

Note the use of a specific case. Quantum computers aren’t good for things like word processing, but they are useful for optimizations, decryptions, and more of the kinds of problems that have limited researchers and organizations. Technology frequently finds itself reaching a point of diminishing returns, then breakthroughs occur. Quantum computing is another breakthrough for the Information Age.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

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