This is not academic or in the future.

Physics has mysteries. While it is accepted that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, that should really be written as no thing can travel faster than the speed of light. Things are limited. Information isn’t. That means those sci-fi movies where people are talking between solar systems could be real. So could instantaneous travel, if by travel you mean creating a new copy of some thing somewhere else by sending its defining information. Bell’s Theorem states that two particles can become entangled in such a way that when one changes, the other changes simultaneously. In this case, simultaneously is not a euphemism for really fast; it means instantly, faster than the speed of light or anything. Without getting into the geeky and nerdy details, for the first time it has been proven without caveat. Previous experiments and demonstrations always had some imperfection that allowed for doubt, but that doubt has been removed. Instantaneous communication has been proven and demonstrated. It isn’t practical – yet.

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