Now that automated automobiles are on the road, we’re beginning to see how creative people will be with them. Yes, a car that drives itself will make commuting easier, and possibly safer; but people play, and many will see auto autos as toys. One example was three people who just let their car drive them from California to New York.

“Carl Reese, Deena Mastracci, and Alex Roy made the coast-to-coast drive in 57 hours and 48 minutes” – Wired

There’s a lower limit to the autopilot, but as for an upper limit, well, they set and let the car drive along at 90 mph. As much of a stunt as that was, and as dangerous as it could’ve been, they safely succeeded. This is the start of people exploring a new technology, and one that involves heavy vehicles moving quickly. Some will be good and fun, others undoubtedly not. It is through such play that new laws will be made, and through such explorations that commutes, lifestyles, and personal finances will systemically shift.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Obviously Tesla’s Drivers Are Already Abusing Tesla’s Autopilot” – Wired

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