The Digital Singularity is assumed to be preceded by digital technology changes happening more quickly, and at an accelerating pace. An AI service called ChatGPT has been part of the wave of AI tools that are surprising people with the quality of the product, the speed at which they work, and their wide adoption. Now, there is data supporting the idea that ChatGPT is the fastest adoption of any technology.

  • Instagram took 2.5 years to reach 100,000,000 users.
  • Tik Tok took nine months.
  • ChatGPT took two months.

There are questions about its accuracy, but that hasn’t stopped 100,000,000 people from using it. We won’t know if something is the enabler of the Digital Singularity until after the Digital Singularity; but the success of ChatGPT shows that change is accelerating. Will there be a service that gains the same popularity in two weeks? Two days? An interesting trend to watch, but don’t be surprised that you might have to watch quickly, just in case.

ChatGPT Sets Record For Fastest-Growing User Base In History, Report Says – Ars Technica

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