The planet is warming, but not evenly. The Arctic has been warming two to three times as fast. That is suspected to be from feedback loops driven by decreased snow cover (which means the ground heats up more), thawing permafrost (which releases more greenhouse gases), as well as the possibility of new climate mechanisms acting in ways we don’t understand. And the warming has now accelerated to four or five times as fast as the rest of the planet. And if that wasn’t worrisome enough;

“One recent study, for instance, found that the part of the Arctic around the northern Barents Sea is currently warming a stunning five to seven times faster than the global average.” – E&E News

This should accelerate the opening of shipping lanes, the loss of animal habitat, and could influence global ocean currents. It may also accelerate the need for residents to migrate because of land loss, unstable foundations, and disrupted economies.

One thought on “Accelerated Arctic Heating Accelerates

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