COVID-19 deaths projected by June 1, 2021 – 3,657,500

As of February 19, 2021 – at least 2,872,000 deaths


Look back to last year’s post (Practice Pandemic) when the death toll was counted in tens of thousands, enough for many to expect a rapid, comprehensive, global response. But, too many considered it a hoax. Several months later enough data were acquired to suggest the situation was worse than that. (Proving Covid19 Death Toll) Checking year-to-year statistics, there may have been another 66% of deaths incorrectly reported.

The bad news is that many continue to deny the facts, or decide to risk others lives over political stances.

The other bad news is that the virus is mutating.

The good news is that we now have a better idea of simple measures to fight the virus.

The other good news is that vaccines were created in months instead of years, and hundreds of millions of doses are being distributed.

The title of last year’s post, Practice Pandemic, seems inaccurate because this pandemic has certainly been significant. Unfortunately, epidemiologists are continuing to try to remind people that much worse pandemics remain likely. Infection rates, mortality rates, and the response of a virus or bacteria can all easily be worse. Check history for examples, like the Black Plague. Optimistically, people, institutions, and governments are learning how to prepare and respond. Pessimistically, too many are proud of their ignorance and see little or no value in community or compassion.

Stay tuned for next year’s report, because reporting on this in the interim could overwhelm this or any blog.

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