Sadly, the pandemic has continued long enough that there has been time to collect a significant amount of data proving its impact.

Between Mar. 1 and Aug. 1, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 225,530 more deaths than previous years’ averages, otherwise known as excess deaths. But during that period, deaths attributed to Covid-19 had only just topped 150,500.” – World Economic Forum

“only” 150,500. That’s bad enough, and already exceeds US losses from most US wars. As with most significant events, it is easy to concentrate on the main cause and effect. In the case of a health crisis, side effects can also be significant. Many life-threatening conditions may have been accelerated because typical health care wasn’t available due to a lack of resources necessarily directed towards countering the pandemic, or either voluntarily avoiding accessing health care to avoid the pandemic, or because access was restricted due to pandemic protocols. Doctor visits over the phone or video may not reveal symptoms that a physician would notice in-person.

Note: The totals above were for a period that ended August 1, almost three months ago. Approximately 70,000 more US direct deaths from the pandemic have occurred since then.

The global number of deaths is necessarily higher. The pandemic isn’t done.

Covid-19 indirectly killed far more older adults than we thought” – World Economic Forum

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