Sometimes the evidence is so clear it doesn’t require explanation.

for the first time in recorded history, Alaska’s sea ice has melted completely away. That means there was no sea ice whatsoever within 150 miles of its shores” – Resilience

We melted Alaska, at least the coast.

On a similar level (pulling from the same article):

  • Iceland lost a glacier for the first time.
  • “July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth since record keeping began…”
  • Greenland lost “12.5 billion tons of water in one day…”
  • People and other animals no longer have secure food supplies.
  • Several cities with over a million people are running out of water.
  • “permafrost across the Canadian Arctic is thawing out 70 years sooner than previously predicted”
  • over 8.3 million acres of the Arctic have burned

The only good news is that each of these events probably convinces yet another local population of the predicament – hopefully.

3 thoughts on “Sea Ice Free Alaska

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