People are a species, too. Our actions are threatening over a million other species with extinction. We are threatening ourselves as a result. The UN published a report compiling the results of thousands of studies of the planet’s life. At the current rate, they expect us to lose ~40% of amphibians, ~33% of marine mammals, ~33% of corals, and ~40% of conifers. Previous studies have also documented bee collapse, fewer insects, and the replacement of wildlife with domesticated life. Pollution, land use, and climate change are reinforcing the trends which have the unfortunate feedback of making humans unhealthy, reducing the amount of habitable and arable land, while population climbs carrying with it the need for more food and places to live. As the planet warms, the decrease in diversity and quantity also makes life less sustainable. This is no longer academic, or evidenced in small portions. The effects are now global and instigating refugee migrations. Until we change, we can’t stop the change.

2 thoughts on “Species Collapse

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