We’re running out of soil as we’re adding more people. Erosion is natural, but modern farming methods and climate change can accelerate the loss.

“Ten million hectares of cropland are lost annually because of soil erosion…  For every .1 meter of soil eroded, yields are reduced 4 percent, and there is a 10 percent loss of yields for every one degree rise in temperature.”

With population projections of about 10 billion people by 2050;

“This will leave 2 billion people deficient in at least one or more essential nutrients”

This is an issue that requires a multi-disciplinary response: technology, biology, sociology, and conservation. Climate change couples in with the soil loss, but the soil loss would be happening even if the planet’s temperature wasn’t climbing. While there are many proposals, just like with climate change, there are few generally accepted and enacted plans that will confidently alleviate or relieve the concerns.

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