Graphene is passing from a curiosity in the lab into the development of new products (and even the entry of a few, like a jacket.) Graphene is a flat sheet of carbon. That may not sound like much, but it is only one atom thick, and a sheet of it is effectively a molecule, not a chemical. Breaking chemicals is easy. Go rip open a bag of chips. ripping molecules is much harder. Graphene’s ability to bend without breaking also means it is possible to bend it repeatedly without breaking it. There’s energy in those bends so simply walking around or letting the wind blow or whatever causes movement can turn a sheet of graphene into a battery. Very de-centralized power. The capability has been demonstrated in the lab, but as with many graphene applications, needs a better supply of larger sheets of graphene. A piece 1/100th of a centimeter on a side is enough to power a watch. So, maybe the sheets don’t have to be very big. That’s very good.

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