And another privacy barrier falls, or effectively becomes transparent. Computers can now use the ambient radio signals that permeate most modern environments to see, and possibly identify, people even if they are on the other side of a wall. The concept is basically the same as radar (RAdio Detection And Ranging). Now, partly thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), instead of requiring massive radio dishes, the same thing can be accomplished on a smaller scale with wi-fi. Just like with radar, the more dishes, the more signals, the finer the resolution. With multiple wi-fi signals, it is possible to track a person, as well as their arm and leg movements, possibly their finger movements, and do so even if there are multiple people in the room. The good news is that it will be easier to conduct search and rescue missions. The worrisome implication is that it is easier to peek into houses, see if there’s anyone there, and guess at what they are doing.


This AI Can See Through Walls” – World Economic Forum

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