They’re trying it again, and this time got onto the ballot. Some Californians are trying to create three states from one. While the idea is something many laugh at, objectively it has merit. The state was founded when it was sparsely populated, but now is the state with the largest population. Its economy rivals France’s and the UK’s. And, many of the issues faced by the northern part of the state differ from those of Silicon Valley and the southern part of the state. Whether or not the fragmentation succeeds, it represents a trend within nations as well. Globalization is expanding, but countries are dividing and fragmenting. The number of countries has been growing, with fewer large countries surviving intact: China, India, Russia, the US, and Brazil. California’s initiative is an internal example of the same trend. If they succeed in becoming three states, power will shift in ways not experienced since the Civil War, something existing power structures may not be prepared for. The only constant is change, and the United States hasn’t changed the number of states since 1959.

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