This is about the debt of Americans, not America’s debt – though the two are remarkably similar. On average, Americans now carry about $40,700 in debt. That includes toddlers. The total debt carried by Americans is now over $13.15T. Spread that out over 323M Americans and the average American owes more in debt than the median American earns (~$31,100). Some see this as good news, particularly the recent rise of $193B in the last quarter of 2017 because it signifies growth in the housing market which is seen as a catalyst for the general economy. The good news for the economy is also increased risk for the debtors. Total debt now exceeds the debt from the start of the Great Recession. Research now shows that the Great Recession was driven more by high-end mortgages, rather than mortgages from low-income households. The article doesn’t state whether the increase in mortgage debt is at the high-end or the low-end, but slower growth from first-time home buyers suggests the former. To put this in perspective, total debt for the American government is ~$20.6T or $63,777 per American for a total per-capita debt for America and Americans of ~$94,800. Now, about those assets and the net worth, well, that a deeper analysis what will benefit from a future report.

2 thoughts on “Debt Grows For Americans

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  2. Business debt is in that as well as mortgages and autos. The real killer is credit card debt at 20%/annum that people hold. Should be illegal to charge over 10%.


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