Lab grown meats have passed another milestone. Memphis Meats has now grown chicken in the lab. Previous effort were directed at red meat. The progress is following a trend familiar within technological developments;

“In 2013, Mark Post created a no-slaughter burger at $325,000 per pound, last year Memphis Meats made a meatball at $18,000 per pound, and now it says it can produce a pound of chicken for $9,000.” – Grist

If the price continues to fall by half every year, 2018 = $4,500, 2019 = $2,250, 2020 = $1,125, 2021 = $562, 2022 = $281, 2023 = $140, 2024 = $70, 2025 = $35, 2026 = $35, 2027 = $18. In ten years the technology could fall to be competitive for people troubled by the ethics and impact of industrial live meat production. That can seem far off, but we’ve all lived through surprisingly rapid advances. The impact may seem much more immediate for ranchers and farmers who are seeing a potential end to what had been a sustainable business model. If technology produces a product that is cheaper than raising animals for harvest, then fundamental diets and businesses will change.

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