Seasteading is like homesteading, but instead of poor pioneers populating wild places, seasteading is for ultra-wealthy individuals who want an enclave, basically a floating city with the ocean as an enormous moat. Such a project is in development in French Polynesia, partly for the beauty of the place, partly because it is remote from other population centers, and partly because of favorable taxes. Worried about the political or financial climate? Head off to your safe place in the Pacific. Whether it happens or not, Polynesians have mixed feelings about it. Jobs and the economy would benefit from its construction and from servicing it, but it also potentially alters their environment and culture. A conflict may arise from rising sea levels that threaten islanders while not affecting a floating city. The main hurdle for most large projects is financing. With this project aimed at the ultra-wealthy, that hurdle, and subsequently many other hurdles, may be cleared.

(Click on the image for the link.)

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