The US National Institute of Health released a restriction on creating human-animal hybrids. The fact that the NIH had a restriction is proof enough that it is now possible to give humans some capabilities of animals, and animals some capabilities of humans. The easiest example is from a few years ago when researchers grew a human ear on the back of a mouse. One idea of using animals to grow human body parts is to provide a source of replacements for injured humans. Another reason is to research human body parts without injuring humans. As for giving humans some capabilities of animals, there will always be a demand for performance enhancement, increased sensory perception, etc. The NIH has drawn a new line which basically limits the research into consciousness, and also limits breeding any human-animal hybrids. The implication also arises that, while the NIH limits research, the conversation proves the possibility exists. Official research may work within limits, but people with sufficient resources, motivation, and possibly just curiosity may operate beyond those borders. As if doping wasn’t enough of a problem in sports.

(Click on the image for the link.)

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