Illegal hidden wealth has been revealed. The existence of tax havens is nothing new, and it is generally accepted that many of the ultra-wealthy hide their wealth in off-shore havens to avoid taxes and possibly hide illegally obtained money. One person in one tax firm in one country has leaked one dataset that is larger than any leak of governmental data. This one source alone has revealed links to leaders of 12 nations, 143 politicians, and of course many other wealthy people. This is the largest expose of the shell corporations, intermediaries, and countries that shelter wealth that would otherwise be available for legal review and taxation in the originating countries. There is so much data that only parts of it are being unraveled. The first repercussions will probably be political because reputations are fragile in that world. As more of the data is analyzed more stories, and possible charges of illegal behaviour, will be revealed. This may also encourage other leaks. There should be multiple times more to be revealed because this is the expose from only one company.

(Click on the chart for the link.)

Screenshot 2016-04-04 at 08.40.49

What Are The Panama Papers” – The Guardian

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