The data is in and the records keep coming. That’s not good. January’s record temperature was 1.13 C degrees about the average from 1950-1980. We’re now only 1 C degree away from the estimated 2 C degree point of no return. Considering the noise induced by the chaotic nature of Nature, we may see a period when the months aren’t setting records (which would be called normal); but at this rate we may enter a new era that redefines normal.

(Click on the map for the link.)


January 2016 Blows Away Global Temp Records” – American Geophysical Union

2 thoughts on “Record Global Temperature January 2016

  1. Thank you for sharing the information that needs to be shared. I have two comments. First, I recommend adopting the Paris goal of 1.5 C that tightens the prior Copenhagen goal of 2.0 C in all subsequent discourse. Second, we don’t have another 1.0 C until we get to the point of no return. We are very nearly at the point of no return now. We must ratchet down emissions 6% per year or more starting in 2016—as in right now—to avoid catastrophic global warming.


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