When the stock market falls it fills the news. Partly that’s because it affects people’s retirement accounts, but also because it is easier to describe. Other assets are having trouble. Bonds aren’t paying much. Savings rates are negative in some places. Oil drops are talked about because people watch for gas prices to drop; but other commodities are dropping too. Out of 28 commodities, 26 are dropping, 24 are dropping by more than 10%, and 16 are having some of their worst years in the last 45. With doubts about currencies, there are few places for assets to reside, which may explain the ghost house bubbles in markets like London, New York, and Silicon Valley. The other place assets have shifted is into private investments in startups, and even those within those industries recognize the bubble they’re in. Commodities are crumbling because of the oil price war and slowdowns in China and globally; but there don’t seem to be many safe havens either.

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