Gun deaths in America are decreasing at the same time that mass shootings are becoming more frequent. The decrease may be tied to the drop in violent crime in America, which some attribute to many criminals switching to cyber-crime. The perception that there are more deaths may be tied to two gun-related increases: suicides and mass shootings.

the days separating mass shooting occurrences went from on average 200 days during the period of 1983 to 2011 to 64 days since 2011.

What is most alarming with mass shootings is the fact that this increasing trend is moving in the opposite direction of overall intentional homicide rates in the U.S., which decreased by almost 50 percent since 1993,” – Slate

The definition of ‘mass shooting’ affects research results, with some reports suggesting mass shooting has become an almost daily event, not events separated by months. The frequency is up, in both cases. Research also shows that the probability of an event increases as gun ownership increases. People may feel safer when they have a gun, but people having guns makes mass shootings more likely and puts people in greater danger relative to countries with fewer guns.

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