In general, Americans are beginning to trust institutions again. Since The Great Recession, trust is building in many non-governmental institutions. Smaller is better. More technological is better. Small businesses, technology companies, and colleges are the most trusted, and are gaining trust. Banks and labor unions gained trust since then, but aren’t trusted by the majority. The entertainment and media industries are losing trust. The government, however, has some of the lowest levels of trust and is losing what it has. In general, it is holding steady, but the Executive Branch and the Legislative Branch are only trusted by 25% and 14%, respectively; which is a drop -4% and -10%. Small businesses are trusted by 82% while Congress is distrusted by 75%. The closer the institution is to individuals and communities the more they are trusted.

(Click on the chart for the link.)


“How Government Compares With Other National Institutions” – Pew Research

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