Robotics an drones have reached the point where new ideas are likely to become businesses, not just be gimmicks. Some of the concerns about using drones for deliveries has been based on the flying drones being developed by Amazon. Flying drones can be successful, but they have to deal with 3-D space, traffic control, and weight limitations. One firm is taking a step back and developing sidewalk drones, drones that drive themselves at 4mph to the customer and back. A sidewalk drone only has to deal with sidewalks, streets, and walkways; can handle traffic control with similar logic to existing robots, and can carry far larger and heavier packages. In both cases, delivery person jobs are compromised, business non-recurring costs may rise while recurring costs fall, and the robot and drone advance into our daily lives continues.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“New Self-Driving Delivery Robot Is Coming” – Daily Herald

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