Go ahead and laugh. Poop power is a funny phrase. Get past the giggles, though. The majority of poor people have a difficult time finding sufficient affordable energy. They frequently also live in conditions that improperly manage human waste. Human waste, however, generates bio gases (the source of comedy routines) Those gases can be used to generate heat and electricity. The idea may sound silly or icky, but it has a major benefit. All other energy sources involve remote production, or particular environmental conditions. Wherever there are humans there is human waste and a human need, an exact match between supply and demand. Systems are being developed to harness that resource, either on a local or industrial scale. This could turn a negative that affects 2.4 billion people into a positive for many of the world’s poor.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Yes, Human Waste Really Is Going To Light Up Millions Of Homes” – Take Part

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