Cloning raises great controversies because of the implications for growing completely new life, copies of existing life, or recreating extinct life (that maybe should remain extinct). Many vegetarians and vegans want to reduce the killing required for most people’s diets. We also kill animals for other things like pharmaceuticals, folk remedies, whale oil, and leather. Cloning has advanced enough to grow bits and pieces the animals so we can create meat without killing, and now, leather without killing. In both cases, living cells that have already been differentiated to create a particular kind of cell are grown and encouraged to grow more of those kinds of cells. There’s no attempt, and good reasons not, to grow entire animals. Instead, we can grow meat (boneless for now, and best as ground beef and such) and leather without having to harvest any animals. The processes are just past the experimental stage, but probably a few years from production. If they succeed, however, it will dramatically disrupt agriculture as a supplier and life choices of consumers. It may also be more sustainable, which is better for the rest of the life on the planet.

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"A Peek Inside The World Of Biofabrication" - Fusion

“A Peek Inside The World Of Biofabrication” – Fusion

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