Even the US Navy is preparing for life without satellites. Our lifestyles depend on a constellation of satellites in a variety of orbits. As long as there are no collisions, the current status is maintained. Unfortunately, accidents and attacks can happen. Movies have been made about the consequences of satellites colliding. Satellite collisions happen at miles per second, creating debris clouds of shrapnel that scatter out at miles per second potentially causing a cascade of collisions that could destroy most of the satellites in the most crowded orbits. Collisions aren’t necessary to cause a disaster. Satellites operate because of software, and software can be hacked.One measure of the likelihood and impact of such scenarios is that, in preparation for such a situation, the US Navy has reintroduced celestial navigation into its training. When all else fails, the old ways work, and the US Navy wants to be ready. As for everyone who has forgotten how to drive around town without GPS, well, other accidents will happen.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“The US Navy Is Reinstating The Ancient Art Of Celestial Navigation” – Quartz

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