The rise of the cyborgs is not waiting for government or medical approval. Citizen scientists, biological tinkerers, and innovative artists are already modifying their bodies by incorporating technology to improve their senses or to add features. Better sight and hearing are understandable for sight- and hearing-impaired, but fully-functional people are also altering themselves to elevate their sight and hearing. That improves a body and is necessarily self-contained. Others are straddling the border between biology and technology by implanting magnets to operate equipment, receiving wifi, or carrying around computer memory. The cost of innovation and the sophistication of commercial components is sufficient that individuals can innovate more readily than businesses or governments. Quirky now, but some inventor may develop a -must-have (don’t want to call it a killer app) that will be adopted by millions. Carrying a computer in a pocket seemed like an impossible notion at one time, and citizen cyborgs have proven that they have a lower technological hurdle.

(Click on the image for the link.)

“9 Crazy Body Hacks That Can Give You Superhuman Powers” – Popular Science

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