Wormholes are handy science fiction devices, but have been disparaged as being impossible, then impractical, and now feasible – sort of. Popular notions of wormholes deal with warping space. Scientists in Barcelona created a wormhole that does some strange things to magnetic space, the field lines that we’re familiar with from magnets.

“The overall effect is that of a magnetic field appearing to travel from one point to another through a dimension that lies outside the conventional three dimensions.” – Science Beta

As with many scientific advances, progress is not linear, but can create insights and applications unexpectedly. By creating magnetic wormholes it may be possible to project magnetic fields across distances without interfering with intervening objects. This may aid remote imaging in medicine and other fields. And who knows? Maybe the understanding will lead back to tunnels through space for things instead of just magnetism.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

Scientists Create Magnetic Wormhole Connecting Two Regions Of Space – Science Beta

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