Taken together, the various trends happening across a variety of scientific disciplines are convincing some people that global climate change has reached an ecological point of no return. Many things are accelerating and exceeding conventional estimates:

  • Sea level rise of 10 feet in 50 years
  • A quadrupling of Greenland glacier melts
  • Arctic Sea ice melting early
  • Growing seasons moving north
  • Heat blooms in the Pacific killing species like salmon
  • Storms intensifying and becoming more frequent
  • Ocean acidification creating dead zones
  • et al

As a civilization, we should be able to enact enough solutions to eventually slow, then halt, the reverse the temperature increase, but many species have already gone extinct, others are likely to follow, and almost every environment will require adaptation. The implicit worry is that, humans are a species too. Will we be able to save ourselves?

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“The Point Of No Return” – Rolling Stone

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