Whether it is the economy, health education, or simply a fad, Americans are eating less. The turnaround is slight, but quantifiable.

In 2003, data from the major US nutrition survey called NHANES shows children between ages two and 18 were consuming a mean of 2,118 calories per day. That had dropped by 2009 to 1,908 calories. – Guardian

Junk food continues to dominate, but more vegetables are being eaten, more people are buying organic, cooking from scratch is fashionable. The health impacts won’t be immediate, but the business impacts are more noticeable. Companies selling fast food and sugary drinks are seeing reduced growth and reduced profits. The question is whether the trend will continue.

(Click on the photo for the link.)

“Americans Cutting Calorie Intake But Junk Food Proves A Hard Habit To Kick” – Guardian

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