Maintaining a highway is more than fixing potholes. The US Interstate Highway system was designed to connect the lower 48 states. It did that and does that; but, each bit of pavement only has an expected life of about fifty years. The highway system was begun about sixty years ago. Through government cutbacks, or taxes that didn’t keep up with inflation or use, there is a serious backlog of work required simply to bring the roads back up to code. In the meantime, the highways shifted population patterns and there are more people. In some cases, it makes sense to fix the roads in place. In other cases, it may make more sense to reroute the roads so they are truly interstate transportation corridors instead of intracity commuting avenues. In every case, the low estimate to fix the system is about $1T and probably more like $3T, and will take years and probably decades to complete – if Congress ever passes the appropriate budget and legislation.

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“How To Fix Our Interstates” – Slate

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